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  1. Jpratt15 added a post in a topic "The Raven" a kitfox avid clone!!!!!   

    It just so happens that I am the owner of a partially welded, partially tacked, 98% complete fuselage which was supposed to have been made from the Raven prints. It looks to me like the Kitfox One, but would have to match up the doors to see if it a one or two.
    I have about 90% of the parts, tailfeathers, controls, interior, doors, landing gear (no wheels), tailwheel, , gas tank, cowling, etc, and it is for sale cheap at $3K for everything I can supply with it. You can't buy the material and parts for that price. I also have fixtures for building wing ribs, but no wings - and one flaperon that needs riveting at one end. You can also take along the tail end (cabin back) of my KF1 with the larger modified tail.
    You need to move the battery back nearly to the tail for balance with the EA81.
    I am 70 and in process of building another version of my own design. I will never get to building another one.
    I wish someone could come and pick it up, as the thought of building a box, packing parts, and high priced freight just don't get me too excited. I am located 25 miles south of St. Louis, just off of I-55.
    PS. I don't have the plans and never saw them. I just bought it and took the man's word for what it was.
    I had a wrecked KF One before buying this one, and it had a subaru in it. My builder is getting a soob EA81 also.
    Ed in MO I also have the KF1 Builders manual which I will include.

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