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    97 Mark IV for sale
    Picked it up a month ago. Have gone through it, and got it ready to go after it had a hard landing from a new Tailwheel  pilot trying to fly it after having set for 3 years.
       Built by 2 craftsmen who will still answer any questions. Well built airframe and nice Suburu conversion on grove gear with new 850-5 Mcleery tires. Matco single puck brakes. Needs a second caliber since going to the bigger tires. Has 775 hours of trouble free flying. Leaking right tank. Have disconnected it and running on on left tank only which still has almost 3 hours range on 14 gallons. Radio, Transponder and intercom. 
      Have put 11 hours so far and time is building as I fly it daily. Great way to get into Backcountry flying on the cheap. Already been on sandbars that my other mount the Swamp Monster plays on.
     $25.500,00 Call for any questions.
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