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  1. furry22 added a post in a topic On CL this am KF3   

    Well, hopefully if someone ends up with it they can get it in the air.
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  2. furry22 added a post in a topic iPad EFIS   

    Thanks, when I first dismissed it I was under the impression it needed added components.
    Any chance you looked at the uAvonix 30 also? Seems it's the same price with a built in battery, round and has a built in angle of attack.
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  3. furry22 added a post in a topic iPad EFIS   

    109jb, I use foreflight when I'm flying IFR and I dont have any issues with it in that regard and attached to the stratux it has worked well for me. I am looking into the ADAHRS interfaces, I would keep primary AS, Alti and turn coordinator as backups. 
    On the G5, were there no additional components needed for installation? 
    Hey Randy, forgot to tell you that moose sausage was fantastic!
    I'll look into the MGL offerings, I was interested in adding the iPad interface with an Airdata computer and leaving the primary instruments as backups. Itll be a little ways out before I can make it happen so I'm trying to do all the research now while I can. 

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  4. furry22 added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    iPad EFIS
    Looking into shedding some weight and upgrading avionics a little.
    Is anyone running one of the Tablet EFIS systems? If so, which one and how do you like it?
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  5. furry22 added a post in a topic Parting out all my stuff   

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  6. furry22 added a post in a topic Parting out all my stuff   

    At least she isn't going far and you can come visit/fly her anytime you want while I'm at work!
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  7. furry22 added a post in a topic Avid Amphib on Barnstormers   

    You should!! I know a great little lake over by Palmer you can come pick me up on.
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  8. furry22 added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Avid Amphib on Barnstormers
    Just saw this while looking for floats.
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  9. furry22 added a post in a topic What-Cha Workin On?   

    Ok, now that is about the coolest slap together rig I've seen in awhile. Reminds me of these guys stuff https://theedgeproducts.com/ but a whole lot more personality.
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  10. furry22 added a post in a topic Converting to a 912   

    I can't wait to see this thing here in the near future. It looks pretty amazing with some great numbers to boot. 
    Did I miss something about a mini +?
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  11. furry22 added a post in a topic New Member from Alaska   

    Thanks, I'm looking forward to it and gathering everything to get started on the hangar house this summer! I'll shoot you a PM here now. Looking forward to seeing your setup and how she performs. 
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  12. furry22 added a post in a topic New Member from Alaska   

    I'll look Randy up, hoping to start construction on my place once breakup is over so I can get out of Anchorage asap. 
    Replying to your PM now. Sounds like you've put them to the test. Impressive compared to the tcart and what people are asking for them with the 85hp motors. 
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  13. furry22 added a post in a topic New Member from Alaska   

    Hey now, don't put me out of an opportunity!
    And sounds like he's got it covered. 
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  14. furry22 added a post in a topic New Member from Alaska   

    Mr. Perry, I replied to your PM. Would definitely be interested in your Avid. Always better to go for a known quantity than a wildcard. At the very least would like to meet up at some point. I'm in Anchorage for now, but moving to a place on Wolf Lake in Wasilla hopefully this coming summer.
    Thanks for the warm welcome JimChuk, glad to finally be on here. The wing was one of the first things I asked about. But hopefully Mr. Perry and I can work something out. 
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  15. furry22 added a topic in Introduce yourself   

    New Member from Alaska
    Hi All,
    Just a quick introduction as I am not an Avid or Fox owner (yet). I live up in Alaska, did my primary flight training just this past summer and finished my instrument rating back in October and now looking for a plane to do more of what I want and build some skills in for an affordable price. No tail wheel time as of yet but will be coming shortly then on to floats so I can fully open up my backyard more to go explore in. Looking forward to learning more from y'all here and hopefully joining you in ownership.
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