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  1. Supermotive added a post in a topic Locking tail gear   

    Are these lockable tailwheels?
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  2. Supermotive added a post in a topic Jab 2200 Motor Mount   

    I know this is an old thread, but did you throw any motor thrust line offsets in that mount? I have a MKIV speedwing, With a Jab 2200, and I am considering 2 degrees left (rear of motor shifted Toward port) and 1.5-2 degrees nose down
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  3. Supermotive added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Locking tail gear
    What do you all recommend for a good value, quality, locking tailwheel? Leaf spring or convert to tube?
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  4. Supermotive added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Grove gear benefits over bush gear?
    I am strongly considering a Grove landing gear for aerodynamic purposes. I have a Jab 2200 and a speedwing. A field will likely be the roughest terrain I will be landing on. I have been told the grove yields a higher cruise speed and still gives great suspension (perhaps a little more bouncy) and durability (provided you reinforce the door sill trusses) Neglecting the higher cost, are there any reasons not to get the grove gear? Are the rumors true about the higher speed compared to the cabana type bush gear?
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  5. Supermotive added a post in a topic Robust Reliable Low Cost Avionics Options   

    I think you nailed it with that setup!
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  6. Supermotive added a post in a topic Robust Reliable Low Cost Avionics Options   

    That’s a really nice setup. I think that the kind of setup I am leaning towards. Are you pleased with Avare? What tablet are you using? Pleased with the tablet? Any other considerations? Thanks! 
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  7. Supermotive added a post in a topic Robust Reliable Low Cost Avionics Options   

    They do, don’t they?
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  8. Supermotive added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Avid MKIV Engine Mount for Jabiru 2200
    I am building a couple of motor mounts, for an Avid MKIV, based on what I believe was a Jabiru factory mount for the Avid. There are a few questions I wanted to pose to the community. First, has 5/8 OD .035” wall  4130n shown to be strong enough for the tubing or has there been movement to .049” wall? . Second, does the MKIV require any downward bias on the motor center thrust line (ie. 5 degrees nose down)? Next, is there side angle bias,  to correct for any P-factor issues, when using a Jabiru 2200, with a 62” Sensenich prop, on a MKIV with a stock rudder and tail? Last, What points do I use to level the fuselage (level flight) for a reference angle that I use for setting the thrust line? Is raising the tail, until the rear h stab is level, accomplish this? FYI: It will be difficult to unfold the wings right now. Thanks in advance. 
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  9. Supermotive added a post in a topic Robust Reliable Low Cost Avionics Options   

    The Garmin G5 looks pretty good, though I wish the screen was bigger.
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  10. Supermotive added a post in a topic Robust Reliable Low Cost Avionics Options   

    I want something reliable. If an iPad can be that, then sure. I heard of situations where the iPad was not as robust in the heat. perhaps there is a work around, but I DO want reliability. The G5 seems like a nice unit. I would love to have 2, but then things get expensive. I have considered the G5 for essentials and an tablet for supplemental navigation capability (ie running AVARE or ForeFlight). As I understand, I will need adsb out. Having ads in may be nice if I have navigation. That would have to be weighed out. Then there's the radio. I wasn't sure if a portable may be the right answer or not. Bundling would be nice if it is worth it. Every time I get on an avionics site, I leave there knowing less than when I started. I always seems they are leaving something out that would nail the cost coffin. I am kind of new at this so feel free to school me here.
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  11. Supermotive added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Robust Reliable Low Cost Avionics Options
    I am starting to research avionics for my MKIV. I will not be using a vacuum pump, so the six pack gauges will be removed. I want to use absolutely robust and reliable electronics, but I don't want to throw a bunch of money out the window. If I start with a blank slate, and want my plane to be very light and dead reliable, and also want to keep cost minimal (while fully equipping the plane with the needed gear), what would be some recommendations for avionics/adsb/radio components/packages, etc. I am in the US.
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  12. Supermotive added a post in a topic Jabiru 2200 inspection: Engine Damage?   

    Thanks TJay. Are you connected with Jabiru? I think this motor is pretty decent. I am happy so far. The image below is the overhaul slip. They updated the motor a good bit. If there are any other mods you recommend, please share. Thanks again. 

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  13. Supermotive added a post in a topic Jabiru 2200 inspection: Engine Damage?   

    Here is a little more to view.
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  14. Supermotive added a post in a topic Jabiru 2200 inspection: Engine Damage?   

    Got it. Will do.
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  15. Supermotive added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    Jabiru 2200 inspection: Engine Damage?
    I just bought a Jabiru 2200, that shows a log book recorded factory overhaul about 200 hours ago. The seller said the engine ran great 4 months ago when the repair hangar (across rom his hangar) upgraded the previous owner's (not the seller) CH701 to a Rotax 100hp for more thrust, and then the repair shop sold the engine to the guy who ultimately sold it to me this last weekend. This seller claimed he saw the engine run strong 4 months ago, he bought it for himself, and then he changed directions and now sold it to me. The motor (so he said) sat in a hangar under a plastic tarp-like cover. When I bought the motor, I did not do any compression or other internal checks (go easy on me here) In faith I took his word on it. We both had military background, and I hope he would not fleece me like that.
    Now, yesterday, as I was checking the motor out in my garage, I looked at the plugs (they looked good [light tan electrode insulators] but they seemed to have a lot of friction in the threads), and then I pulled them out to check the cylinders. I will share those pictures later if I can. One of the cylinders had what looked to be oil passing the porcelain on the plug. There also seems to be oil residue need these plugs (see picture). I did not see this on the other cylinders. Note: all of the plugs looked the same on the inside (light tan). Looking into the cylinder in question, I turned the crank 360 degrees, and looked inside the cylinder with a scope. I found some white flaky material in the cylinder (small amount). I was able to move the white material around with a small screw driver while observing with my scope. Note: the tops of all of the pistons looked the same (I will post pics later). I did not observe this flaky residue in the other cylinders. Now, the motor was sitting for 4 months (I was told), and the muffler wan not attached (just the header runners were attached). Perhaps some bees or mud dobbers made a nest in there depositing clay.?.  But, what about the oil looking residues near the plug holes and the blow by on the plug.?. I may have to pull the head, for further inspection, but I am looking for experiences and thoughts here.

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