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  1. Logan added a post in a topic Avid Horizontal Stab Rigging   

    I checked with a digital level today and found the vertical stab out a little less than 2 degrees when compared to the vertical stab, so it's not perfect. How close did they build them?
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  2. Logan added a post in a topic Avid Horizontal Stab Rigging   

    Yeah. I tried that--put the left side on the right side. They are exactly the same length and bring the exact same results, unfortunately. If you flip them front to back, they don't even come close to lining up to the holes.
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  3. Logan added a post in a topic Avid Horizontal Stab Rigging   

    Thanks for the help! I'll have to take the digital level to the hangar and see what I can figure out about this. I presumed there wasn't any twisting in the fuselage since the original stab is pretty close, but who knows? I did compare the distance to the holes on the to stabilizers--they look so close to identical by placing them on top of one another. I might have to measure really accurately to see for sure. They're obviously out a little bit otherwise it would mount the exact same as the original.
    Yeah, you can have it sit any which way without the struts since it is just pivoting on the front and rear mounting bolts. If one strut is too long, then the other strut is identically too short as the holes all line up perfectly--and I mean perfect.
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  4. Logan added a post in a topic Avid Horizontal Stab Rigging   

    Sorry for the delay everyone! Thanks for all your help! I finally made it to the hangar to get some pictures. The first picture is of the original stab which is corroded internally. The second is of the replacement (currently green). The original is fairly close to level, but still slightly out in comparison with the top cross member of the fuselage. The new one is significantly more askew. Again, the holes all line up perfectly with the struts and everything. Thoughts?
    I have access to a machine shop and was thinking about cutting off the ends of the stab struts, machining an internally threaded 10-32 insert that would be welded inside the strut tube and accept a AN-42 eyelet which would allow me to adjust the rigging. Would that be a good idea or is there some other underlying issue?

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  5. Logan added a post in a topic Avid Horizontal Stab Rigging   

    We checked this first thing and if we had them forward to backwards nothing lined up at all. We did try swapping the braces side to side without any change!
    Thanks for the help!
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  6. Logan added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Avid Horizontal Stab Rigging
    Hey Everyone!
    We have a B model and we found a horizontal stabilizer to replace our old one which was corroded badly. The bolts and everything for the stab braces line up perfectly, but compared to the cross members of the fuselage the new stab sits at a pretty good angle with the right side significantly lower than the left. Is that normal?
    Unlike most other birds I’ve worked on, there does not seem to be a way to adjust it, nor does the build manual seem to help.
    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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  7. Logan added a post in a topic Mechanical Brake Cables   

    Thanks a bunch! I’ll see what they can do for us!
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  8. Logan added a topic in Avid Model B   

    Mechanical Brake Cables
    Hey Everyone!
    I'm looking to replace the mechanical brake cables on our B model Avid. I've been trying to find a good source for a new bowden tube and the cable itself, but I haven't had much luck. I'll likely need raw materials I can cut to length. Any suggestions? I searched the forums, but couldn't find any details. I looked through Aircraft Spruce, but didn't find anything I thought would work. Maybe a go kart brake cable?
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  9. Logan added a post in a topic WTB: Avid or Kitfox Horizontal Stabilizer/Elevator & Stock Gear   

    With the help of everyone here, I know it doesn't have the Mk IV gear. Thanks for your offer though! You've all been hugely helpful!
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  10. Logan added a post in a topic WTB: Avid or Kitfox Horizontal Stabilizer/Elevator & Stock Gear   

    Thanks for all the help! If we have mismatched gear legs, this is probably what we are noticing is all wonky.
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  11. Logan added a post in a topic WTB: Avid or Kitfox Horizontal Stabilizer/Elevator & Stock Gear   

    That explains a lot! I didn't even notice the different rotation when we started it on the ground before buying.
    Sounds like a plan! Let me know when you make your decision! Thanks Bucky!
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  12. Logan added a post in a topic WTB: Avid or Kitfox Horizontal Stabilizer/Elevator & Stock Gear   

    I would have definitely been interested, but from my research I found that only up to the KF4 would fit on the B model. Thanks for the offer though!
    Yeah, we're definitely interested in your KF4 gear legs Bucky. Let me know when you have them off and we'll see where we are with the project at that point.
    Thanks for measuring this for us! It makes sense that the slightly longer leg is from a Kitfox as I noticed now that the weld on the lug for the old mechanical brakes was clearly added by someone who didn't know how to weld. I'm definitely going to call you when I find time when it isn't crazy late in the evening out your way. Thank you!
    It sounds like I should just stick with sourcing an Avid horizontal stab and elevator! Thanks so much for all your help! I feel like we need a comprehensive guide of what was changed as the models progressed--anybody know of something someone has compiled? Maybe that would be a good forum project?
    I haven't looked closely enough at our fuselage to see if the vertical stab is offset, but looking in the build manual that came with it it sure looks like it is offset--to the left though. That doesn't make any sense to me unless the prop was to turn counterclockwise looking from the cockpit. I'll have to look at the bird closely the next time I'm in the hangar.
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  13. Logan added a post in a topic WTB: Avid or Kitfox Horizontal Stabilizer/Elevator & Stock Gear   

    Thank you! This helps a bunch! I'll probably contact you directly to talk about those stabilizers. I wouldn't be afraid of finding the bigger Mk IV stab if it mounts the same way and has the same braces. As for the gear legs, the one is 22" and the other 21 1/2". The previous owner mentioned that the one gear leg is from a Kitfox, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. According to the logs it is the longer one. The bird was on a trailer when we bought it and I didn't bother to unfold the wings. Getting it to the hangar and unfolding the wings showed us that the one wing sits distinctly low--out came the measure tape. The shorter of the two is the one that toes in a ridiculous amount, but nothing looks bent at all. How much should they toe in on a stock Avid? My Citabria has just a very slight toe in--not even noticeable without measuring. 
    Thanks Bucky! So my understanding from your experience is that if we get a matching elevator and stabilizer from an early Kitfox, it would work. Is that correct?
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  14. Logan added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    WTB: Avid or Kitfox Horizontal Stabilizer/Elevator & Stock Gear
    We recently acquired an Avid B Model. There is an uncomfortable amount of corrosion on the tubes of the horizontal stabilizer and elevator, presumably because drain holes were never installed in the fabric--the rest of the tubes look perfect. We're looking for a replacement set. What tail feathers will fit on a B model? Up to the Kitfox 4/Avid 4? Does anyone have anything for sale or know where to find a set?
    We could also use a set of stock gear legs for the B Model as we're pretty sure ours are mismatched--one toes in a lot more than the other and one is slightly shorter. Anyone have any kicking around?
    Thanks in advance for the help!
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