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  1. CoClimber added a post in a topic fuselage stretch   

    Spot on.  I'm 63, got my PPL three weeks ago, and should have my Kitfox II flying in the spring.  I'm hoping for 10+ years of flying but, at my age, I know how fast 10 years goes by.
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  2. CoClimber added a post in a topic New project   

    It has yet to fly.  Should be done in the spring.
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  3. CoClimber added a post in a topic New project   

    I am no expert but I think that extending the wing will slow it down.  More importantly, you still have that undercambered airfoil which gets quite draggy at those speeds.  On my Kitfox II, I replaced the ribs with the Model 4 style ribs along with everything else needed for that wing.  Not a trivial undertaking.
    One more thought: 130HP will be heavy.  You will either lose useful load or will need to up the gross weight.  Again, extending the wings will add significant load to the wing struts and associated support structures.
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  4. CoClimber added a post in a topic Fuselage landing loads (Kitfox IV) and cabane gear   

    The other loads to consider is where the mass of the airplane is applied to these forces.  The engine is fairly far forward and could have a substantial lever arm with the stock gear.  Moving the attachment point forward will help with that.
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  5. CoClimber added a post in a topic Avid heavy hauler on barnstormers   

    An I'm even closer.  Probably should get my project finished before looking at another one!
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  6. CoClimber added a post in a topic Exhaust header near firewall   

    I haven't made the recess for the firewall yet.  That is the next thing I need to do.  I looked at the builders manual last night and it says that the pedals should be vertical (90 degrees) at neutral.  There is about an inch between the rudder pedal and the header at full deflection but if I apply the brake the distance goes to almost zero.  The brakes aren't connected so I don't know how far the brake would actually go.  I guess I need to do that next.
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  7. CoClimber added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Exhaust header near firewall
    I'm doing the final bits to get my 912UL installed in my Kitfox 2.  I had to modify the exhaust headers to get the muffler that came with the engine tucked in well.  I'm doing the firewall now and the headers are about a 1/4" from the firewall wells for the rudder pedals.  Does anyone know if there is a minimum distance allowed?  I ordered some insulating exhaust tape for this section of the headers but I want to make sure I am legal.
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  8. CoClimber added a post in a topic HKS Install   

    My understanding is that if in flight you lose throttle linkage, the throttle goes to full power which allows you to keep flying vs forcing you to land.  Control the speed with mags.
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  9. CoClimber added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Luga blades - left hand
    When I purchased my 912UL, the seller included a Luga propeller with the deal. I discovered that the blades are either for a pusher, or a Rotax 582. In other words, they are left hand blades. They are marked L-83 and the diameter looks to be ~68". I can get new blades from AirTrikes that will fit the hub so I would like to sell these blades. They appear to be brand new as far as I can tell. I would like $400 for them plus shipping. This does not include the hub.

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  10. CoClimber added a post in a topic Holes in the fabric   

    LOL!  I hate to break it to you, but I put the little wheel up front with the thought that it wouldn't be seeing and cow manure where I will be flying.  Maybe I should fly down and see you and you can point out good fields for me to get that even coloring.
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  11. CoClimber added a post in a topic Holes in the fabric   

    The airplane is a cream color and I have white duct tape so it looks like I'm set.  I got a laugh about your off field airplane.
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  12. CoClimber added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Holes in the fabric
    I wasn't really thinking this one through when I did it.  I covered my fuselage and when I went to install my controls, I saw that the four bolts that attach the elevator/aileron controls to the floor would be going through the plywood floorboards and I wouldn't be able to access the nuts for these bolts without cutting small access holes in the fabric at the bottom of the fuselage.  I hope this makes sense.  The point is that I have four .75" holes in the bottom of my fuselage.  Had I planned ahead, I would have put access panels there but the fabric is painted and I'm lazy. Will those holes be a problem - in flight and during the airworthiness inspection?  They are small enough that a duct tape patch would cover them completely.  Or should I do the right thing and pull everything out and put the access rings in there for inspection plates?
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  13. CoClimber added a post in a topic Oddball Question   

    I made the cheap solution with a Raspberry Pi  for ADSB in. Seems to work great on the ground but I never flew with it.  The rental palne I currently fly has ADSB in/out.  I have a Samsung tablet with Avare app.  I'm just a student pilot but I was practicing the other day and decided to treat myself to a quick detour across the lake.  Grabbed the tablet and set a plan to take me back to the airport.  It was a joke how easy it was to use.  I have a knee board that the tablet clips to.
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  14. CoClimber added a post in a topic Stopped project   

    A thought crossed my mind.  In a year or two, do you think you would look back and regret selling you project?  Good luck in what you decide.
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  15. CoClimber added a post in a topic Short video of the new control system   

    Sweet.  Can you refresh my memory?  What airplane and can you post a photo of what you've done?  I converted my Model 2 Kitfox to a Model 4 control system along with Model 4 ribs and flaperons.  I based the geometry off of a drawing that Kitfox provided years ago.  The plane has yet to fly so I hope my efforts are worth it.
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