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  1. IFMT added a post in a topic Prop for a 532 in the Rockies.   

    They can probably fix them for cheap. Worth a call.
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  2. IFMT added a post in a topic Prop for a 532 in the Rockies.   

    GSC Systems in Vernon, B.C. makes really nice ground adjustable. With the US-CAD exchange it should be almost free for you.
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  3. IFMT added a post in a topic Flight Control issues...   

    Fuel cap not venting properly? My Mark 4 would do the same thing draining one tank faster than the other. Maybe some valves at the tank outlet to control flow?
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  4. IFMT added a post in a topic Brought new plane home, find out engine is hatched...   

    I'm in agreement with others. Looking at the pieces in the filter doesn't seem like engine coming apart inside. Bearing failure looks like little flat pieces and filings. Not a couple large pieces. Cut the filter open(use a sharp knife to not make filings) and cut out a couple inch section of the paper pleated medium, put that in a vice and squeeze all the oil out. Then open the pleats and look closely at the fold areas. A few tiny pin head size pieces of metal would not be alarming. Put another filter on, get a mechanical oil pressure gage and run in up. Oil pressure should hold through low rpm to high. Warm it right up. Check the compression. After a good run up, check the new filter again by cutting it apart.
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  5. IFMT added a post in a topic KFV with a subaru? Opinions please!   

    The engine install looks great! Fly it and see how it performs. If you keep the speed up it will fly great. 80 mph is a nice cruise in my Mark 4. It is the slow flight that suffers. Keep it over a minimum of 50 on short final (just before flare) and you should be safe. Minimum 60 on approach. What is the empty weight? My soob was pretty much maintenance free besides oil changes and plugs. My engine is pretty much stock except for carb/ exhaust and timing. Are you looking for super short takeoff or is 5-700 feet good enough. My Mark 4 would get up around 450-500 feet. With the Kitfox airfoil and 118 horsepower if you coarsen the warp drive you should have 110-120mph easily. Take off run will suffer some.
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  6. IFMT added a post in a topic KFV with a subaru? Opinions please!   

    My subaru EA 81powered MK 4 (80hp) is slowly getting put back together. With the weight of the soob it made a good single place plane. It could climb at 800+ fpm with me and full fuel. Put another person in and quite a bit less. The Avid wing at 29'10'' is not so forgiving with lots of weight. I don't know anything about the KFV wing. How much surface area? My engine never gave any trouble and I would say actually runs smoother than my 80hp 912. My soob install was done very professionally. Everything has been secured, shielded, proper fasteners, carb heat, etc. I see that some soob installs look more like they have been slapped into a go cart than properly mounted on an airframe. With the Avid I learned the hard way about slow approaches. The engine itself has been trouble free. Only problem I can remember was the foam in the air filter starting to disintegrate from age. How the plane actually flies with the engine is the bigger question. If you have enough wing area for a decent glide ratio and 118hp it should be a great flyer. The Maule you are used to certainly has a much bigger wing area. 
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  7. IFMT added a post in a topic Bmw r100 engine in an avid   

    A local gentleman here in the Yukon has a BMW fwd for sale. The link is Look under the classified ads. There is also a really nice Kitfox 4 1050 just completely rebuilt.
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  8. IFMT added a post in a topic Slow Glycol Loss - 582 Rotax Kitfox III   

    Rad cap top seal getting weak? Replace the cap.
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  9. IFMT added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Tombstone Mountains
    Went for a nice flight through the Tombstone Mountain range. South and west of Dawson city, Yukon Territory. Calm winds.

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  10. IFMT added a post in a topic Building gear   

    Thanks Jim. That's what I was looking for. B
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  11. IFMT added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Building gear
    I'm looking for the post/thread about building your own cabana  type gear. Not having any luck. I remember a very detailed series of post with pics showing how to do it. Thanks.
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  12. IFMT added a post in a topic Pioneer Airport, Oshkosh   

    Do I see bubbling under that nice red paint?! Must be reflection.Very nice field.
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  13. IFMT added a post in a topic Oil Temp   

    Is your rad inside the cowling? Cheek rads? I'm still suspicious of the reduction drive. Hopefully they're still in business. Not directly related but thinking of heavy trucks I own I generally see water and oil temps pretty similar. In your case:250 oil and 190-200 water is telling you something is tight. EA81 on it's own has no reason to create that much oil temp.
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  14. IFMT added a post in a topic Fat Avid Video   

    The dilemma of the sube. With the stretched tail you won't need to add to much to the tail. I think I added 20 lbs. to get my cg right on my Mk IV. Might be worth adding some weight to get it fly right. You might get away with 10-15 lbs.
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  15. IFMT added a post in a topic Landing Gear Bungee Replacement   

    Get a set of spark plug boot pliers. Work great to hold and pull on the cord when winding it around the gear and truss. Really its a two person job. Make sure the limiter cable is not over the bungee. It can cut it off. 
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