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  1. Cloud Dancer added a post in a topic Avid Catalina Project N157AB for sale   

    Wow, that's a bargain. If I had one less "Kitfox" I'd be making a very long drive across country at the worst time of year to be dragging an airplane home. I plan on waiting until spring to sell the Kitfox when the market is better. The Catalina has always been my "must have some day" airplane.
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  2. Cloud Dancer added a post in a topic Avid with a turbo prop?   

    What's the reason people are doing this? I would think any weight savings on the engine would be lost by all the weight in extra fuel you would have to carry. Is it a cost thing with some parts of the country having access to cheap fuel? Or is it more like a Harley rider feeling he needs louder mufflers mentality; realizing there's no benefit other than the change in noise?
    I'm still waiting for someone to build a wood gas converter to fit inside an Avid. (And I've lost countless hours designing such a system in my head.) Totally not practical but it would sure  be cool to be able to land somewhere and top off your tank with twigs and sticks and then continue on your way for free and not be tied by a long leash to a gas pump. The last thing most pilots want on a rag covered airplane is a wood burning stove. I'm in the "I don't care, I want it anyway" category.
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  3. Cloud Dancer added a post in a topic Amphib project for sale. (Mostly just the AW cert.)   

    I see you got it listed on eBay now.
    I think more people would have found it under the "airplane" section of eBay Motors than where you chose to list it.
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  4. Cloud Dancer added a post in a topic Avid Flyer on floats spotted in an old movie.   

    I may have been a little off when I said it was a B movie. Probably goes back to my childhood when 45rpm records only had an A side and a B side.
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  5. Cloud Dancer added a post in a topic JAEGER, by Dean Wilson 1986   

    It's fast, portable and even stressed for aerobatics if your so inclined. About the only fault I can identify is the solo seat. Kind of like those single seat Sonex aircraft; I don't see the point of building one when it's so hard to recover any of your money if you ever decide to sell. The labor and kit expenses are about the same for a single seater and a two seater. Even if you spend 99 percent of your time flying alone it's still nice to have a little extra space for a travel bag. Even today there's not an airplane kit on the market with the specs listed and still be portable enough to haul home and store in a single stall garage.
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  6. Cloud Dancer added a topic in Hangar Talk   

    Avid Flyer on floats spotted in an old movie.
    I'm not recommending this cheesy movie but I did see a custom gyro copter and an Avid Flyer on floats in it. The movie is:
    Typical B movie from 1992 with poor acting, poor plot, 80's style synth backing tracks and unknown actors. I found it in my recommendations from You Tube for some reason.
    Link to movie here:
    I'm not sure what the gyro copter was made out of, maybe a Sparrow Hawk? The Avid Flyer is the squared off tail variety so that may help identify the model. The fact that they wrote Avid Flyer in big letters on the side of the airplane tells me it was probably a deal done for advertisement more so than money.
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  7. Cloud Dancer added a post in a topic JAEGER, by Dean Wilson 1986   

    So what happened? Why didn't these catch on?
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  8. Cloud Dancer added a post in a topic Whoze Goin' Oshkosh 2021   

    I was there all week and didn't see any Avid Flyers. Plenty of things that look like Avid Flyers but all missing the rounded tail feathers. They still had a few old central console Kitfox fuel tanks for sale at the Ultralight barn. I seen a Avid Catalina amphibious listed for $13,000.00 on the for sale boards that looked like a bargain. Later in the week someone had put an X through the listing so it may have been sold.
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  9. Cloud Dancer added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Kit for sale. Ad says no work done. Avid Mark 4
    I spotted this on Craigslist today. Sounds like a good deal for those that like to start from a fresh kit.
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  10. Cloud Dancer added a post in a topic Trailer mangled avid on ebay   

    I'm surprised he listed it in the category he did. I think he should have listed it in a few more sections and not listing it under ebay motors aircraft section was a huge mistake. I'll be amazed if it sells listed for this price where it's listed.
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  11. Cloud Dancer added a post in a topic Avid Catalina on barnstormers   

    I'm late to the party on that one! A long way from Iowa but I still would have made the drive for that one. By the time I checked in today the ad was already gone.
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  12. Cloud Dancer added a post in a topic Fly-in   

    I would have recommended flying in to the Elkader, Iowa airport with it's interesting hilltop turf strip of 1705 feet of length and then catching a ride the 16 miles or so to eat a Gunderburger at a tiny hole in the wall bar called the Irish Shanty. The only problem is the city of Gunder is so small there are not enough people to work the restaurant and they decided to shut down the kitchen until further notice. I don't think the Guinness beer on tap is enough to sustain them and I fear one of my favorite burgers will be gone forever.
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  13. Cloud Dancer added a post in a topic Fly-in   

    Free food will only delay the $100.00 dollar hamburger for a weekend. I know pilots that will burn a tank of fuel for a greasy spoon burger every chance they get when the weather is nice.
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  14. Cloud Dancer added a post in a topic what is a bush pilot?   

    I think most people know the difference between city bush pilots and the real deal. Texas and almost every other state in the union is full of self proclaimed cowboys with their pickup trucks and cowboy hats and boots. Most people are also aware that these cowboys are not real cowboys too. It's not worth getting your underwear in a bundle over the difference between a concrete cowboy or pilot and the dyed in dirt real deal.
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  15. Cloud Dancer added a post in a topic The value of streamlining   

    There was a company that made plastic snap on aerodynamic strips for streamlining wires for hang gliders. I don't know if the stuff is around or who makes it but it's worth a look. I think I seen it in a Glider Rider magazine decades ago.
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