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  1. efil 01 added a post in a topic Manu's Avid C   

    some news..
    i ve checked the empty weigh today : it comes at 200 kg / 440 lb with 5 liters of gaz.. not bad
    about roll connections, i read in book the connections must be tied strong because flutter, but i feel they are not enough soft, btw i did not checked yet in relative wind.
    what do you think they are on your plane?
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  2. efil 01 added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    how to stop for few days
    with the inversed cylinders, you got some oil on plugs until few days, i guess for a long stop more than a week, i shut off valve
    and let engine burn all gas in lines and carb. good or bad idea?
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  3. efil 01 added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    582 Component Tests
    as you could read in my avid topic, i lost the rpm 5 min after start
    the instrument still on but shows 0 rpm
    the line is not cut and i got 6 ohm resistor between the grey line from engine and ground: is it good number ?
    then i checked ligntnig coils : one 255 ohm, other 285; not very similar 
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  4. efil 01 added a post in a topic Manu's Avid C   

    this is the wood speedwing prop, so i admit it turns lower rpm static but with the rpm issue appeared 5 min after start, i wonder if the numbers were good, i'll wait till the tiny tach to verify this.
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  5. efil 01 added a post in a topic Manu's Avid C   

         hi all!!!!
    those times give some time to work on the  avid
    today i started the engine, this means plane is finished. 
    i put 5 liter of mixed gas in tank, checked all , pressed 3 times the bubble, engaged contacts, choke, and pulled the rope; on the first try the engine wanted to live; i turned off the choke, and he started at the third pull. running smoothly. idle is great at 1800rpm,,i can go much lower but not very confortable. i got more of 5000 at full power static(iis it enough?) i run a wood  propeller.
    the temps are right in the green, water temp 140/150 F, egt between 800 and 1050 F, i saw the top egt at 4300 rpm, i guess this is the rpm to avoid inflight.
    then i lost rpm indicator, as i run the digital avid gauges, i don't kown for now if this comes from engine or instrument; btw, i think to put a tiny tach 
    then i saw liquid coolant spaying on the firewall.. after a quick search i found a micro hole in the alloy bottle. 
    Even with those little issues, i feel very happy of this first start.
    i was  afraid of the pull start, but it's ending to be very easy, and i'm happy to have keep the plane very simple; i didn't do the weigh balance yet;
    next operation: move the plane to the airfield, a very quite place with a big and long grass runway

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  6. efil 01 added a post in a topic Avid STOL airfoil -some calculations   

    i don t know yet ...
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  7. efil 01 added a post in a topic Avid STOL airfoil -some calculations   

    thank you very much turbo for your analysis, this help me a lot to get some numbers about my mod !
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  8. efil 01 added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    avid come out factory
    hi, here the pics i posted in my avid C topic

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  9. efil 01 added a post in a topic Manu's Avid C   

    hello, finally the major work is done, only have to do wiring , fuel line and rigging.
    yesterday i deployed the plane, it was like a big present in the garden.
    i realy feel happy to have a new plane so vintage, from the 80's the avid now a kind of collector, now the pics :
    my best hunting :

    Chritmas present in the garden :

    the pitot made after all, not so difficult to put tube in the covered wing

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  10. efil 01 added a post in a topic Avid Model C - Gross Weight   

    this solo 580 number is relative to performance numbers showed under, so customer can have an idea how can perform the plane if he fies solo or dual
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  11. efil 01 added a post in a topic Manu's Avid C   

    hello turbo, no i didn't flew yet , but now will work hard on bird with good weather days
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  12. efil 01 added a post in a topic Merry Christmas   

    my best wishes and for 2019 : flying my avid  !!! 
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  13. efil 01 added a post in a topic MK IV Aerobat speedwing spar gouge/repair   

    in this area it is more compression than flexion i guess, so the fiber tank helps a lot for this. if it was mine, i would go for repair and special care between each flight
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  14. efil 01 added a post in a topic rigging flaps   

    so to resume : -3 ° is up flap, everyone got is own rigging in range of -3/+3
     i will go for about a gently 0° first ;°)
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  15. efil 01 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    rigging flaps
    manual says  -3 ° for better crus speed ...so it is up or down? personally i would go for 3° down, so when you push for speed, the AoA decrease and flap finally is 0° in relative wind so less draggy.....or... -3 is up cause the flap airfoil chord is not the bottom flat line, so flap is 0° when bottom is -3
    i'm lost and don't feel very confortable with the idea of flying with up reflexing flaps
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