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  1. ibange added a post in a topic Avid high camber wing modifications   

    Yup that's my build! Addressing a few comments in no particular order...
    Most people would have started with a new kit, yeah you're right Allen and trust me, the comment "why didn't we just buy a X kit" has come up multiple times between my father and I. End result is that we're betting we can be ahead in money, if not time. It would have been far easier to buy a highlander/kitfox/S7 kit and modify it and in fact we got as far as speccing an entire highlander kit which would have then received custom ribs but we sat looking at a $30+k bill and just decided there was no way we were going to spend $30k on materials. You're also correct, I'm lucky enough to have access to another aircraft so I'm not lacking a very nice plane to fly while I build mine.

    As for the header tank, it depends on the wing tank ultimate volume and also how the balance comes out. I may use the header tank to adjust CG aft if necessary. My goal is to be able to fly to an event like the high sierra fly in, fly around AT the event, then fly back out to fuel if I'm far in the back country. My apex will burn as much as 5gph so if I can only have 30 gallons on board and I'm an hour from fuel, that means that including a 30 minute reserve I can only fly for 3hrs while I'm out somewhere. If I can push that to 40-50 gallons of capacity that gives me options. Its not really usable in one sitting but that's not what I'm designing the plane to do. 30gal is kind of my floor, I'd rather not go lower than that. I'll have to see what I can get into the wings for capacity.
    Good to see you here John! We actually talked briefly on the phone when I bought the plane. The wreck was described as a ground loop to me but he was trying to sell me the plane! To be fair he did a good job of repairing the damage, I just didn't fit in it. The tanks were 14gal? That's not how they were marked on the sides when I got it. I didn't actually try to fill them to test though since I knew I was going to run auto gas for my yamaha.

    I'll try to keep an eye over here if any other discussion comes up!
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  2. ibange added a post in a topic N234CV Yamaha powered overhaul   

    I have to admit you have me thinking now about the use of a teleflex cable to control the ailerons. I have some concerns about friction in the cable but it would certainly remove some parts and simplify the process. I'll do some more homework and decide if I want to use your idea or my original.
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  3. ibange added a post in a topic N234CV Yamaha powered overhaul   

    I think the original reason for the lack of cables was to remove slop but after 4000 hours theres a decent amount of wear in the system. I dont really want the friction of a push pull cable but i have a really good routing for pull pull. I'll put up pictures as i go through the process
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  4. ibange added a post in a topic N234CV Yamaha powered overhaul   

    One step forward from cardboard templates, here's some temporary cheap ply floors so I can sit in the plane and work out mounting tabs and what not.

    The keen eyed will notice a flaw in my logic already: the aileron pushrod goes where the left hand seat pan is projected to be currently. Well I didn't say I was going off the reservation without meaning it. We're reworking the control system to use cables and pulleys to get the aileron controls back to the pushrods. Somewhat hard to describe with words but it will make more sense once I start fabricating and you can see what I'm up to.
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  5. ibange added a topic in Avid Model B   

    N234CV Yamaha powered overhaul
    I want to put my entire project up somewhere so the ideas I come up with may help some others... or just entertain people, either way is fine.
    A little over a month ago my father called me up and the conversation went something like this: "Hey, there's an avid B airframe on barnstormers cheap". "Ok, I'll take a look at it". We have been working on a Yamaha apex firewall forward for a little bit without an airframe. Long term plans were and remain to build a Rans S21 from the ground up for Yamaha power but having a cheap airframe to work the bugs out and learn more about our powerplant would be nice. Also, I want a big tire bush plane and the 21 really isn't the perfect animal for that. So calls are made and it turns out that the plane in question is 234CV which suffered a groundloop following catching a landing gear at Goldmine during the high sierra fly in a few years back. The fuse was straightened, a new landing gear was sourced, and that's as far as the project ever went. Negociations went well and finding a shipper to get the plane from California was successful so the deal was made.
    To save money I met the shipper in far north Texas and this is what greeted me.

    Cross loaded it and got headed back the other direction.

    Let it sit for a little bit since I wanted to start into the planning phase of the project once my Dad came into town but last week we got into it. Got the gear mounted up so it was easier to move around. New gear legs will be happening eventually but this is a start.

    Changed up my engine stand so I could rough mock up the apex and start to consider firewall options.

    As if mounting a 160hp engine wasn't enough we decided to go completely off the reservation looking for leg room. In all seriousness I've owned some small planes and they're just misery in the long haul. I want to enjoy flying what I own. The sling seat was ditched and we're moving in the direction of a flat floor with some custom cushions. The tubes will be reinforced under our butts so we don't have any problems there. Here's the initial template work for the floor and backrest.

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  6. ibange added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    Very interested in this topic. I joined up to the forum just to get in on things. I'm a currently kitfox 7 flier and I'm working on what I'll be doing next and I think that one of these engines is going to find its way onto the nose of whatever that is. With that in mind, has anyone done a 3D model of the engine for design purposes? I don't have one yet to do my own model off of.
    Also, could someone approve my request to join over on the facebook group? Ian Bange is the name there, have been pending for a few days now and would like to get in on the conversation there as well as here.
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