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  1. Columbus added a post in a topic Bungee questions   

    Search on this thread and you’ll find a TON.
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  2. Columbus added a post in a topic Bungee questions   

    My first loop. Still have to shrink wrap it but I wanted the forum’s opinion if it looks ok? Too tight or too loose- thanks. I’ll wait to see what the consensus is before I move forward 

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  3. Columbus added a post in a topic Spring Loaded Avid Nosegear attachment 4 Sale   

    Was there ever a “final final” on this? I’m still in the hunt 
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  4. Columbus added a post in a topic Where to buy bungee / shock cord   

    Luked- that was THE best article...beers on me should we ever meet
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  5. Columbus added a post in a topic Bungee questions   

    Thanks! This is what I got when I ordered over the phone
    when it showed up, I called and she read to me over the phone and I looked it up in the catalog - I didn’t think it was correct!
    appreciate the help
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  6. Columbus added a post in a topic Avid B Sheriffs Auction on 10/2/18. 10:30am.   

    I called the contact number, he wouldn’t give the back story of why it ended up like this. Called a local DAR I met recently and he said it would be possible but he wouldn’t touch it without a substantially documented rebuild.
    i too am dang curious as to what it will go for
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  7. Columbus added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Bungee questions
    so, I am about to swap the bungees on my MK IV with the wide stance gear. I’ve done my research and homework yet still have two issues.
    i ordered the shock cord from AS and what came in is ALL black, not flecked. It does seem relatively stiff (as compared to Ace hardware stuff) but I’ve nothing to compare it to. AS says, both in the catalog and when Inspoke to the rep on the phone, that it’s for landing gear...thoughts?
    Secondly, with the slick outer casing, should I up the number of wire wraps? Would too many be detrimental and possibly cause premature failure by cutting into the cord? 
    Suggestions and advice GREATLY appreciated
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  8. Columbus added a post in a topic Need some compassion...   

    YOWOUCH! Really glad to read your Ok! I got “puffed” the other day in CHII on final at about 10’ off the ground. I got it down but had to go change my shorts! I’m still in the beginning phases of My  TW training and have this sort of event firmly rooted in my brain!
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  9. Columbus added a post in a topic Replacing hoses on a Rotax 582   

    Thanks- I’ve watched several videos of the replacement I’ve not found one yet on how to fashion the loops. There is powerfully little data out there on material selection either. Some have mentioned using bungee chord from a home supply store, others buy theirs from AS, one guy mentioned getting it from eBay....sketchy I should think. Wish me luck- my plan is to knock this out tomorrow
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  10. Columbus added a post in a topic FINALLY   

    HAHA- the “Double tailwheel” is just the dolly, she actually has a solid Maule wheel.
    Thanks for the kind words- though. I’ve been terrified to fly her that if anything happened, insurance might balk.
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  11. Columbus added a post in a topic Replacing hoses on a Rotax 582   

    Could you send a pic of short video? I need to replace my bungees.
    Thanks in advance
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  12. Columbus added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Through a bureaucratic SNAFU that ONLY could be made by the took almost 8 months, yes you read that right EIGHT FREGGIN’ months...FINALLY my HH has MY NAME on it! Paperwork just cleared! 

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  13. Columbus added a post in a topic Well I'm back..... Video shows importance of pre flights   

    I ride old motorcycles known as a Shovelhead Harley, these are known for losing a boot to carb seal and sucking air in this turning the rear piston to sand! (Ask me how I know! C’mon...ask) I’m really glad to see you got back down the right way. I will be adding dropping the upper cowl and checking my carbs to the preflight- I’ve been just reaching in and wiggling - I’ll be changing that to more aggressive maneuvers 
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  14. Columbus added a post in a topic HOw to bend the gear   

    DAYUM! Think you for giving me more reasons to have sleepless nights! Very good to read that you were not hurt (other than aybe some pride) and for once again reinforcing the lessons my CFI kept pounding into my head, “Stabilized approach”....”STABILIZED approach”....dang it Columbus, “STABILIZED APPROACH”
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  15. Columbus added a post in a topic Selling aircraft/widow's liability   

    Not an A&P or even close however, I have over the years probably built over 100 motorcycles. When I  say built, I do mean BUILT. I have my own frame jig and at one time had a full machine shop with engine building capabilities. I have been taken to court twice by people who thought they had me (they were stupid or had momentary stupidity with less than stellar results and were quite certain they had a payday coming...One purchaser tried to jump a 9’ chopper over a Dodge Neon)
    ALL I did (on advice of an attorney) was to include on the BOS was to include, “This is an amateur built vehicle and doesn’t not conform to industry standards. There are no warranties either expressed or implied and purchaser accepts full responsibility for this vehicle” should sound somewhat familiar to anyone here.... for good reason.
    It won’t stop some @hole from suing yet it is HIGHLY effective in keeping them from winning.
    The bike is the last one I built- I rode her for 10years before I sold her to buy my Avid

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