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  1. Osprey220 added a post in a topic Kitfox Flying to Fiber Optic Airstrip California   

    And to further your delight, I had to replace the tires last week as the 20x7-8 originals are really cracking.   I almost went with the $550 27x10-8 Matco's, but ended up replacing the them with $40 21x12-8 Nanco's - and love them so far.  Very cushy.
    Have to admit though, the Matco's look great.
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  2. Osprey220 added a post in a topic Joey's New Avid Flyer Mark4   

    Steve's EuroFox.
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  3. Osprey220 added a post in a topic Kitfox Flying to Fiber Optic Airstrip California   

    I'm a LOT lighter at 500lbs in the 582 Model II, so a lot less weight to suspend and bounce over rocks.
    There's really no need for the Monster Shock and 31" tires for more than 99% of the places we  land off airport - but that 1% does really worry me.
    Also, I'm a lot slower at 75mph cruise.  I leave early, get there late, and really only go on the shorter trips.  
    I learned in ultralights in the 80's.  Back then the Rotax had points, not CDI - which made it very unreliable.  That distrust hasn't left me but its been perfect for over 100hrs.
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  4. Osprey220 added a post in a topic Kitfox Flying to Fiber Optic Airstrip California   

    There's a Fiber Optic Cable buried there.
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  5. Osprey220 added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Kitfox Flying to Fiber Optic Airstrip California
    An afternoon trip to the Berryessa Mountains and the Fiber Optic airstrip (a meadow at 1,800').  The meadow is site of an old homestead. Not much remains - remnants of farm equipment from about the 1880's.  Cheers! 
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  6. Osprey220 added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Joey's New Avid Flyer Mark4
    Joey's New Avid Flying Hammond's and Stumpy Strips at Berryessa CaliforniaAlso check out: https://youtu.be/VZstv6IFYvk Avid Flyer Mark4. Extended speed wing, 21gallons, 582 grey head, 3:1 C gearbox. Custom wide cabane gear, Matco 8” TW. Upgraded brakes, micro air radio and transponder, Belite multi instrument( altimeter, vsi, oat, density altitude) 
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  7. Osprey220 added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Alex's Goat Gear and a bit of water skiing
    Some fun with the Flying Goats. Filmed February 6th, 2019.
    Featuring Alex's Goat Gear and a bit of water skiing.
    Alex's landing gear modification of the Grove gear is detailed in two of his video's:
    Mostly filmed at Lake Berryessa's Stumpy Strip (watch out for the stump!), with a brief excursion from Stumpy to Fiber Optic and back. (I cation you not to think that this is what its like in California in the middle of the winter, it was actually pretty chilly!)
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  8. Osprey220 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Tinted 0.060 4x8 Lexan Sheet $50
    Hi All,

    Its time for me to replace the "glass" on my Kitfox.   I've seen a few with tinted and it looks GREAT from both outside and in.

    However its almost impossible to come by tinted 0.060 Lexan local, and shipping is crazy expensive.

    I did get a quote for tinted polycarbonate - $43.60/ 4x8 sheet  in a case of 26 sheets.  But I only need one.   

    Anyone else (any 25 else) want 060 tinted Laxan sheet at a fantastic price (~$50 with taxes etc.) - have to pick up from SF Bay or Sac area.

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  9. Osprey220 added a topic in KitFox General Forum   

    Lexan vs Acrylic - help!
    Hi All,
    Getting ready to replace the windshield and doors - and trying to decide between Lexan vs Acrylic/Plexiglass.  
    I've been reading through the archives here and at TeamKit - and there are good arguments for both.  
    Seems like most posts have been on use of Lexan, but a few mention Lexan's sensitivity to gas, UV, and crazing around bends and so strongly recommend acrylic.   
    The price here is almost the same 4'x8'x1/16th" sheet of Lexan ~$62 and $75 for Plexi - so pretty much a wash there.
    Downsides on acrylic I've read are propensity to crack when drilled or bent, easier to scratch but much easier to buff.
    The plane sits outside with a cover.
    So any suggestions?    Which way should I go?   Do I heat at the forward spar bend?
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  10. Osprey220 added a post in a topic Central California Strip Flying   

    OK Joey - Sorry.    
    I'll go back and pull the coordinates.
    Kind of a shame.
    In New Zealand almost all the flying is strip flying and pilots crowd sourced a great collection of strip coordinates on an online map to increase everyones safety, enjoyment and grow the community.
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  11. Osprey220 added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Central California Strip Flying
    A little weekend strip flying in central California.
    The red and white airplane is a Kitfox Model II powered by a 65hp 2-cycle Rotax 582 greyhead engine.
    Starting from KDWA (Davis Woodland Airport - also known as Yolo Airport) we follow Putah Creek west past the town of Winters and Lake Berryessa to Hammonds Airstrip
    Hammonds is just south west of Berryessa atop a mountain ridge at ~2,500'.
    It has a significant upslope to the north and is one way in, one way out. I was joined at Hammonds by Steve in his yellow Aerotrek and Paco in his Rans S-7 (both with Rotax 912's).
    Kitfox: http://www.kitfoxaircraft.com
    Aerotrek: http://www.aerotrek.aero
    Rans: https://www.rans.com
    Then back to the central California valley for a bit of fun along the delta.
    Paco and I landed on a narrow raised raised access road along the Sacramento Deepwater Channel.
    Warning, the road is narrow, the shoulders slope off quickly, and the road is raised ~10 feet - so its pretty important to stay centered on the road!
    (Kind off scary with the Kitfox since it has no forward visibility when the tailwheel is down.)
    Then off to Steamboat Landing for coffee and a snack. Steamboat Landing / Steamboat Acres is a great place to visit with a ~2800 foot grass strip, farm, restaurant, and beach.
    There a nice spot to pull the planes off to the side of the strip, but bring your own tie downs.
    Here's a great video from Alex with the first approach/landing coming in from the other direction (from the east) at Steamboat: https://youtu.be/BclF07PKuqI
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  12. Osprey220 added a post in a topic Uncommanded Roll on Full Flaps   

    There is one flaperon mass balance per side (mounted near the outside end of each).
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  13. Osprey220 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Uncommanded Roll on Full Flaps
    Hi Guys, 

    I'm a new member - in the Davis/Woodland California area.

    I've been helping a friend get his Kitfox Model II (Rotax 582) flying and correctly rigged - and having lots of fun flying it too. 

    But with the fun has come a bit of undesired sphincter puckering excitement.

    A couple of weeks ago, the flapperons went into full flutter at ~75mph! Recovered quickly with pulled power and gentle up roll. Yikes.

    I found a lot of slop in the remarkably complex control linkages I could tighten and remove. Additionally, the shoulder bearings on the flappers were not tight and I've fixed that. So far, no more flutter. 

    BUT - 

    On full flaps, I get a uncommanded and _almost_ uncontrollable roll to the left. Almost full right aileron controls the roll, but it does not seem like a condition I would want to approach landing in! Half flaps seems fine with no roll tendency.

    Any insights or suggestions?  

    I did a quick search and have seen that other mention limited roll authority on full flaps, but no mention of uncommanded roll.
    I've also posted this to the TeamKitfox forum - I really need the help.  Sorry if you've seen this twice.

    I look forward to your input.  

    Also - if there are folks around wanting to fly out, get in touch.

    Owen Hughes

    Attached is a picture of the plane:

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