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  1. tcj added a post in a topic 503 In An Avid   

    I just now  looked for the rubber caps I mentioned above.  It seems that since Aircraft Spruce bout out California Power Sports, they don't carry all the parts.  The rubber caps, which are used to cap off the primer ports on a Bing 54 carb, aren't available from them.  Like I said though, you can plug the oil injection ports with epoxy.  That's probably better anyhow.  The rubber caps aren't that secure.
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  2. tcj added a post in a topic 503 In An Avid   

    Those are the the correct parts.  I looked through my old 503 parts boxes and found these.  It is an oil injection system I took off my 503.  if you aren't going to use oil injection you can plug the oil ports with a rubber cap you can get from aircraft spruce, I think.  I bought this from a guy who took it off a new 503.  He had just filled the ports with epoxy and ran premix.
    For what it's worth you can get intake and exhaust gaskets from a Ski Doo shop for about half of the cost of the official DCDI rotax gaskets.  They are the same.  Don't use the Ski Doo head gaskets though, they are aluminum and the DCDI Rotax ones are steel.
    I took the oil injection off because it is a SOB to get calibrated correctly, I couldn't seem to find a source for the correct Bowden cable, and the barrel on the end of the cable I did find was too small and wore out.  Much easier and I was much happier without the oil injection.

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  3. tcj added a topic in Jokes   

  4. tcj added a post in a topic EDMO is on scrappy   

    I suspect the EDMO on Scrappy is for this business. Expertise Dedication Motivated Ownership
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  5. tcj added a post in a topic C/g calc spreadsheet move something   

    That's kind of cool Paul.  I saved it in my kitfox folder.  Thanks for posting it.
    Tom Jones
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  6. tcj added a post in a topic Wanted ,Rotary valve oil reservoir   

    CPS new $79.20:
    Ebay used $50:They call it a crankshaft bearing oil bottle but it looks like the rotary valve oil tank:
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  7. tcj added a post in a topic Drag reduction   

    I built a Kitfox Classic 4 with a little 52 HP rotax 503 engine.  First few flights the landing gear and wing struts were bare.  Cruise speed at 5800 rpm was about 65 MPH.  Then I put the wood fairing on the landing gear and covered with fabric and cruise speed went up to about 75.  Then put the PVC fairing on the wing struts and cruise went up to 85 MPH.  Rate of climb and power off glide went way up too.
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  8. tcj added a post in a topic Orange on 582 piston crown   

    Raising the needle would richen the mid range.  The photos clearly show it is too lean.  Are you sure you raised the needle?  if you raised the clip instead of the needle it could cause the lean condition.
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  9. tcj added a post in a topic Wing pins   

    I still have the original package from spruce with that number on it and used pins in it.  The chart for dimensions of AN clevis pins in the spruce catalogue lists Dash 85 as 2 21/32 "Effective length". I measured the pins.  I replaced all the wing attach hardware every couple years.
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  10. tcj added a post in a topic Wing pins   

    Clevis pin AN395-85. 2 21/32 to the safety pin hole and looks like 2 27/32 to the tip.
    Aircraft Spruce lists them
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  11. tcj added a post in a topic Sport Pilot   

    Just keep in kind that if your 3rd class medical is ever denied, you can't fly under sport pilot rules unless you get it reinstated.
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  12. tcj added a post in a topic Sport Pilot   

    Allen, you don't "Convert" to sport pilot.   Just let your medical lapse.  You can fly under sport pilot rules with a Private Pilot Certificate.
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  13. tcj added a post in a topic Stupid Question   

    There's 160 acres of corn across the road from me so I'll be good to go this summer.
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  14. tcj added a post in a topic Stupid Question   

    We went to Costco in yakima a couple days ago.  Got there right after the doors opened.  There were already more people in the store than we had ever seen.  They all had their carts piled head high and higher with cases of bottled  water, paper towels, and Toilet paper.  We needed just a few groceries.
    After a while a lady came up to us and said "I noticed that you and I are the only ones in the store that don't have any bottled water paper towels or toilet paper in our carts, what's going on?"  We had a good laugh and asked an old guy why.  He said everyone was going to be quarantined because of "That virus".  My wife asked him if the water was going to be turned off too.  He said "Well yes".
    I went back to the toilet paper area just to see what was happening there.  The shelves were bare and two employees on lift trucks were bringing out pallets of toilet paper and water as fast as they could turn around. The shoppers were emptying  them as soon as they were set down.
    We were ready to check out in about 30 minutes.  Every check stand was open and the lines were half way to the back of the store.
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  15. tcj added a post in a topic Near miss with fuel line.   

    I was going to do that and wanted to put a bead on the end of the aluminum line to keep the hose from slipping off.  I couldn't find a beading tool small enough for 1/4 inch line for less than several hundred dollars.
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