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  1. FredStork added a post in a topic Getting close for an engine choice   

    Simonini Victor 2 update
    I'm closing in on 200 hours on my 92hp Simonini Victor 2 - without any issues. I have burnt one ignition coli but they are the same on Rotax so I cannot really blame Simonini for that.
    Plenty of power with an unbeatable power/weight ratio. Consumption like a 80/100 hp 912 and 20kg less...
    The only negative thing about this engine is low rev vibrations. I good carburetor synchronization helps but it is never super smooth in low rev.
    the 92hp version is no longer sold, they now start at 100hp and with a more Rotax like single exhaust. You miss a few hp not having the twin tuned pipes but starting with 100 you still have more than you ever need. And it is much easier to install compared to the twin pipes that goes between the landing gear...
    You can see it fly here: 
    And read about it here:
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  2. FredStork added a post in a topic Interior Seat Cover   

    If you still have the old seat cover you can use it as a pattern and do a new one yourself. Or have the friend with the sawing machine do it for you, it is not that hard.

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  3. FredStork added a post in a topic Not a cowboy...   

    I have got the same comments from over seas friends coming here, the sky is empty! And I can confirm, I can fly cross France in the middle of the summers and, when not in the direct vicinity of an airport, not see another plane all day. I'm actually worried about thinking I'm all alone and be less vigilant...
    A lot of pilots do 30 minutes local flights around the home airfield and many don't fly at all... I have visited heaps of empty airfields on my trips... sometimes I call in advance and then I normally get a welcoming committee... 
    You are right, I'm a lucky man!
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  4. FredStork added a post in a topic High Sierra Fly in trip report   

    Thanks for sharing (and have see all the films...)!
    It is looking more and more like"Burning man"for, each year... maybe it should be called "Burning Plane"!
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  5. FredStork added a post in a topic Bungee cords model c HH   

    Here you'll find most of what you need, length, dimensions,Aircraft spruce references, how to make them etc. And I should add there are also other posts on this topic (and yes, mine is a model C, HH as well)

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  6. FredStork added a post in a topic Sold!! Avid Snow Skis   

    - but as size matters make sure to get the long wheel axis kit that is required for mounting them. If they don’t exist I’ll be happy to measure and document mines, they should be fairly easy to have machined...  
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  7. FredStork added a post in a topic Sold!! Avid Snow Skis   

    That’s the most fun you can have with your skis on!
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  8. FredStork added a post in a topic plywood seat truss reinforcement   

    The  »horizontal » chock cord will not, and is not intended to, replace a broken normal bungee. IT WILL NOT ALONE HOLD YOU OFF THE GROUND. But it will very efficiently add deflection resistance, almost noting at normal « soft » landing but exponentially the more deflection there is. I have never heard about broken bungees - but, according to a friend, hard landing do occur.... and I, I mean my friend, has not had a pro strike even at hard  landing that with the “safety wire “ would have broken the seat truss of my, I mean his, plane.
    The stiffer chock cord the better.
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  9. FredStork added a post in a topic plywood seat truss reinforcement   

    Reinforcement of the seat truss is good, cutting the damn guillotine, sorry "safety", wire is better...
    Been there, done that, broke that...
    Replace it with an horizontal chock cord:

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  10. FredStork added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Not a cowboy...
    No cowboy, only 850 tires, no requests to smash any like buttons or subscribe... just Fred flying in the in his French mountains  (during paid business hours)...
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  11. FredStork added a post in a topic Avid Flyer Heavy Hauler STOL. flaperon extension speed   

    The flaps is like the doors, not over 100 km/h (60 mph). But in any case, the faster you fly the less flaps you want - you can even gain some speed with negative flaps, but be careful as this can be a dangerous area.
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  12. FredStork added a post in a topic Strip it the rest of the way down?   

    Had the same hesitation some years ago, the more I striped it down the more rust I found. Had all metal sand basted and powder coated. Covered with Oratex UL600.
    Take a look at my blog, this link is pre-selecting the rebuild posts the Avid Flyer 
    This is from the covered parts of the tail plane while free tubes didn't look any worse than yours. A critical area, difficult to inspect, is the tail. Whatever you do, uncover it to find out...

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  13. FredStork added a post in a topic Book Recommendations?   

    Another "must read" is obviously Chuck Yeager's "An Autobiography"
    No description needed... The language is colorful and the story amazing.

    Amazon US
    and when you have read Yeager's book and seen The Right Stuff one more time you will appreciate The Happy Bottoms Riding Club - The life and times of Pancho Barnes

     Amazon US: 
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  14. FredStork added a post in a topic Book Recommendations?   

    Great idea!
    I have a rather large collection aviation books and I'm always looking for good additions. 
    One book I read recently and really, really liked was Flight of passage by Rinker Buck. Very much in the spirit of this group and an amazing true adventure by to young boys at a time when everything was possible...

    Description from Amazon:
    Writer Rinker Buck looks back more than 30 years to a summer when he and his brother, at ages 15 and 17 respectively, became the youngest duo to fly across America, from New Jersey to California. Having grown up in an aviation family, the two boys bought an old Piper Cub, restored it themselves, and set out on the grand journey. Buck is a great storyteller, and once you get airborne with the boys you find yourself absorbed in a story of adventure and family drama. And Flight of Passage is also an affecting look back to the summer of 1966, when the times seemed much less cynical and adventures much more enjoyable. 
    Amazon US link:
    I hope this string will be long!
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  15. FredStork added a post in a topic what is a bush pilot?   

    Feel no shame... Regardless of what "they", maybe incorrectly, call themselves I think they are doing more to raise interest and awareness for a niche of aviation than anyone else. Our niche with relatively low cost, easy access, slow taildragger aircraft that looks like the planes in our childhood dreams.
    I am personally amazed by how many pilots, and wannabee pilots, have contacted me for information and advice on the Avid Flyer after having seen my not very spectacular films - and I only have 430 subscribers so my films don't easily pop up in the suggested film list... 
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