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  1. Dusty added a post in a topic 582 alternate pistons   

    Don't use the single ring Pistons! They make it very hard to do a huff puff test and also don't have the side port. Despite the instructions stating the port isn't necessary, it IS needed. The top bearing will start to fail in less than 200 hours.
    they can supply 2 ring Pistons  which are very good quality,but make sure you use the genuine rotax cageless bearing and pin.
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  2. Dusty added a post in a topic 670 info   

    The ideal 670 won't have a rubber plug at the top of the flywheel housing but will look like a 582 with a bump either side by the case joint
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  3. Dusty added a post in a topic Skelly flys the kitfox   

    This is taking gross weight reduction to the extreme
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  4. Dusty added a post in a topic Neat airplane video (Not Avid or Kitfox)   

    Gotta love the thread tape and multi pliers on the fuel pump! Sooo much fun to be had with a plane like that
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  5. Dusty added a post in a topic Strip it the rest of the way down?   

    I was hoping  a few would chime in on this one as I have wondered the same! My 1.5 mm screen is due for replacement,the support won't be going in unless there is a flutter issue.
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  6. Dusty added a post in a topic 912 install on KF4 prep/planning/pictures/advice   

    The latest tanks are too tall to fit without shortening, I had to reuse my old tank which doesn't appear to be modified. I guess rotax may have enlarged these tanks for extra capacity?
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  7. Dusty added a post in a topic Facet fuel pump   

    I use a facet 4 psi pump. It is turned on before startup to test its pressure. Start is with it off to check the mechanical pump pressure. Takeoff and landings the electric pump is on. The pressure with both running is 5.2 pound,I also have a bypass on both pumps with a one way valve so if one pump blocks it is bypassed by the other. I currently have a problem with my facet as with the bypass clamped off I have severely restricted fuel flow,these pumps can give problems. My first aftermarket facet lookalike pump failed internally and wouldn't make more than 1 pound pressure .Yes I am paranoid about fuel flow but have witnessed an early 912 pump fail resulting in a forced landing. The 582 pumps appear to be nearly bulletproof with only the pulse line giving  problems. So for me the jury is out on this one!
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  8. Dusty added a post in a topic Crontrol system   

    That has solved a mystery for me as my fox 3 needed long arms to get the elevator to full travel.
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  9. Dusty added a post in a topic Done getting bit in the ASS by toe brakes   

    Sorry to see your bird bent, yes the std brake setup isn't the best. My fox 3 had a similar setup so I adjusted the brake peddles forward ( toward the bulkhead) as much as possible. The later 4,s have a better setup, whether this is practical to retrofit a similar system so the "active" brake becomes more effective when the rudder is being used.
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  10. Dusty added a post in a topic convert fr 582 to 670   

    The 670 combustion chamber is quite different to the 582 but for simplicity reasons and dual plugs the 582 head is used,although not ideal there are plenty flying in this configuration. I believe if the 670 is bored more than 20 eversize the 582 head needs machining. Rotax Rick was experimenting with a dual plug modified 670 head,best give him a call. I never got to finish my 670 for my fox 3 but the chap who purchased her is committed to finishing what I started, so any feedback from others will be appreciated and passed on.
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  11. Dusty added a post in a topic Original Wheels   

    The Douglass 8 inch are welded
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  12. Dusty added a post in a topic What are these tabs?   

    My 3 had these,I assumed they something to do with the optional float setup?
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  13. Dusty added a post in a topic 2 stroke piston options??   

    I fitted with SPT ceramic top Pistons with Teflon skirt coating.definatly more power.400+ hours  with no problem,just don't use the supplied caged bearing. A complete kit including gaskets was about the price of a single rotax piston. Also don't use the single ring piston option. eBay.
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  14. Dusty added a post in a topic Ivo prop motor   

    Cheers Will do. My unit is still together so I need to confirm the can length,diameter and shaft length and diameter.
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  15. Dusty added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Ivo prop motor
    Has anyone experimented with different motors? I have fitted the high pitch blades to suit my new gearbox ratio but can't depitch enough without the original 25 year old motor stalling. I could order from ivo who are great to deal with but due to my location there is a two week delay . I am looking at a 540 size 32 turn motor locally,this is a high torque motor that looks to be a direct replacement.
    any thoughts or experience on this subject?
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